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Are stink bugs infesting your home, your garden, or your vehicle? It’s actually worse than you think! As the only natural predator of the stink bug, it’s up to YOU to stop the spread of this invasive species!

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“Before I discovered the Stink Bug Chute I was trying to vacuum stink bugs up and was constantly having to throw away barely used vacuum bags because of the horrible smell. Finally I have a natural, poison free way to get rid of them. Thanks for providing this clean and economical solution!”

- Leslie Reed, Charlottesville, VA

“This tool is very effective – just touch the bug with the end of the chute and they fall right in. This past spring we were able to remove the bugs prior to the weekly services in our church. The bugs were on the walls and tall windows. In fact, these stink bugs were everywhere … I even found them around the gas cap of my car. The Chute came in very handy.”

- St. Mary’s Church, Lovingston, VA

“This is so easy and safe to use. The bugs just drop in without leaving a mark on the walls. With small children in our house we are reluctant to use sprays. Our seven year old likes to ‘help Mom’ and even wants to have ‘her turn’ at using the chute. My husband was able to capture a small nest of wasps with the device, also.”

- J. Miller, Alexandria, Va.


Our friends and family love it, and we think you will too. Get yours today and start fighting this infestation in an environmentally friendly and easy way!

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